Jason Guerrero: Director & Designer

Jason Guerrero: Purina (DIRECTOR)

Jason Guerrero directed this spot for Purina.


Directed by: Jason Guerrero

Studio: Taylor James

DP: Connor O'Brien

Agency: CheckMark

In this spot, we travel through the Purina logo to see what lies "beyond". This was a fun spot to work on as there were tons of furry friends on set. It was quite the challenge to have a cat and dog perform simultaneously within single shots, but after several takes, we got what we needed to get. This spot combines so many elements into a unified spot: trained animals, people, physically built sets, and several CGI worlds. All the live action was shot at Quioxte Studios in LA.

Some design and styleframes done by Maria Chou, Sam Ballardini & Will Robertson:

Previs Animation: