Jason Guerrero: Director & Designer

Star Wars Fallen Order


STAR WARS "Fallen Order"

My Role: Styleframes Designer

Studio: King & Country

Brand: EA

I helped out King & Country with these design frames for the title sequence animation for the upcoming game “Star Wars: Fallen Order” by EA. The concept was to play off the theme of “Fallen Order” with a lightsaber hitting the ground as an unseen Jedi warrior is defeated off-screen. In the “day” concept, the lightsaber falls onto the ground, just as a the soil on top begins to vibrate and reveal the game’s logo. Off screen, an imperial tank casts a shadow over the logo symbolizing the classic Star Wars theme of light versus dark. In the “night” concept, the lightsaber falls onto an ancient Jedi artifact. When it hits, it activates the artifact, causing it to light up, thereby revealing the game’s logo. This is was a really fun project to work on, and I was really grateful for the chance to work on such an iconic brand.