Jason Guerrero: Director & Designer



My Role: Styleframe Designer

Studio: Psyop

Brand: Telkom Europe

Directors: Marco Spier & Broja Pena

I was asked to help out the Psyop design team on this pitch (which Psyop eventually won, yay!). I was given four days to do this frame, and was given a lot of creative freedom which was fantastic. Although four days is quite a bit of time for a styleframe, I knew it wasn't enough to texture a whole city. So I did a scene setup and general lighting in Maya to get the layout and perspective correct along with the base mood. Then I took it into Photoshop and layed photographs of buildings on top of the renders, forcing them into the perspective established in 3D. This allowed for the creation of the image (with an acceptable margin of error in perspective and lighting) to be completed within such a short time. I can def say, this was one of the most challenging, but also one of the most fun pitches I ever worked on.

3D previs to achieve layout, composition and lighting.