Jason Guerrero: Director & Designer

Jason Guerrero: AICP 2017 Sponsor Reel (DIRECTOR)

Jason Guerrero directed this sponsor reel for the AICP.

AICP "2017 Sponsor Reel"

Directed By: Jason Guerrero

Studio: Taylor James

Music: Yessian Music Composer Mike Dragovic

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers represents a range of production companies with a diverse portfolio of skill sets. We were honored to create the Sponsor Reel for the AICP Show and crafted a visual poem that shows the depth of storytelling styles in the commercial production community and honors the tremendous range of artistic disciplines that make the AICP membership. The film follows a black ball through sequence shots done in several different artistic styles. The black ball derives from the AICP’s new rounded logo and represents how the organization gives each individual member company tools to be perform better individually while strengthening the production community as a whole.

Along with directing the spot and guiding approximately 20 artists to create the Sponsor reel, I also worked hands-on directly on several scenes either as animator, compositor, cinematographer, actor, or live-action direction. Those scenes are as follows: